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Are You Eating Salads For Your Health or For Enjoyment?

Did you know that eating salads can be healthy and also it can harm you if it isn't prepared properly.

There are four rules to eating salads the Hygienic way. So, what are they?

This list may shock you but it can also give you some relief to know these four rules noted:

#1. Salads should be made of fresh vegetables.

#2. The salad vegetables to be avoided, are spinach, swiss chard, beet tops, and rhubarb.

Why? Because of the high content of oxalic acid. Too much of a good taste can be


#3. Vegetables and fruits used in salads should be well cleaned.

Why? Because of surface bacterial communities, they will need to be washed well.

#4. Salad vegetables should not be broken, diced, hashed, cut, sliced, etc.

Why? Because this will cause vital losses by oxidation. You will get the brown edges..

Remember that fresh vegetables and fruits are eaten in the raw, and they should be cleaned properly to protect your organs. You can continue to eat salads for your health and enjoyment.

A meal plan should be healthy, and a healthy lifestyle is what we are aiming for and this can be done with two simple steps, wash and eat clean for best results.

Here's Health to You Naturally!

Dr. Brenda J. Pratt, H.D., PhD


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