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If Health Is For Everybody, What Is A Starting Point?

Health is a word that has been misunderstood by so many individuals. At least 99% of the time it has been the physical appearance that defines being healthy. Health has been with us for decades. you may have heard an old saying, "with health there is no dis-ease."

What is health? This is a loaded question. The meaning of health by World Health Organization, "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease." To understand the different levels of health, we must first look at the concepts of being healthy from the natural point of view.

Health and disease has always been compared and measured on how healthy a person is in their mind and body. The word health is derived from the Saxon word for whole. Heal is driven from the same word and means to restore to a state of wholeness.

Health is also defined as a condition of perfect development, a state of wholeness and harmonious development and growth and adaptation of part to part of organ to organ with the organism, with no part stunted and part in excess. As you can see, the word health takes on many forms in the state of organic development, in man, animal, and plant.

Now let's get to the real question, What is A Starting Point?

A starting point is a journey towards holistic health and nutrition, and the journey begins with YOU. Health has many personalities and it is up to the individual to identify what it really means to be healthy.

Health is for everybody, if the body requires oxygen, food, and water, that's health. There are five different areas of health that often get over looked by individuals who do not understand that hygiene and health are one of the same. Hygiene and health is combined to install the principles on human health to help the body to heal itself. for example, everyone wants to live and enjoy health and try to accomplish a positive outcome by incorporating the recommendations for a healthy life style, such as:

1. Fresh Air, enjoy the outdoors air when it can be tolerated, avoiding poor air quality.

2. Nutrition, maintain a wholesome diet or meal plan, identify food allergies for best results

3. Physical Activity, enjoy walking, biking, running, yoga, and Tai Chi

4. Relaxation, remain calm and poised to avoid stress related conditions

5. Sleep, allow the body to heal with sleep and rest.

A simple reminder to invest in your health, get started to change your lifestyle one day at a time. HERE'S HEALTH TO YOU!

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