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Yoga at Home


Certified Holistic Hygio~physician, Non-Medical Doctor

Consultations and Assessments 

Natural Health and Nutrition Education

Holistic Health Hygienics Principles

Community Health Seminars and Workshops

"AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner"



     Welcome to A Starting Point, Holistic Health and Nutrition Services.  Our policy for clients, before they are given an appointment, require that all forms must be completed prior to a consultation and must be returned as quickly as possible, if client wish an immediate appointment.  This process will help to guide future appointments and follow up.   A Holistic Health and Nutrition Plan will be developed based on the clients health assessment and outcome.  Services will be limited to a strictly

non-therapeutic, non-medical, and natural health method. 

Yoga Session

Restoration of Nerve Energy

Energy Awareness is the definition of self care. Learning how to restore nerve energy is a benefit of hygienics. The energy of nerves is the life of tissues, organs, muscles, circulation of blood and many other functional purposes. Nerves are continuous with its energy. Restoring Nerve Energy to help remove cause. 

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Health and Nutritional Programs

 Acid/Alkaline pH Balance Awareness

PRAL, (potential renal acid load)

Correct food Combining Principles

Meal Planning

Weight Management
ABC's of Supplementing 

Five Pillars of Health

Essential Elements of Health

Sports Nutrition

Kidney Health Education

Scientist in the Lab

Tissue (HAIR) Mineral Analysis

Complete Tissue (HAIR) Mineral Analysis, by a Licensed Lab.  Understand what causes a mineral and chemical imbalance. Getting to the root cause.

Meditation Class

Mindfulness, Mind and Body Exercises

The practice of Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques;  learn to detach from judgmental thoughts, that come and go. Guided imagery,

Journaling  and goal setting for optimum health.

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