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Eat Bananas For Fuel And Weight Loss

Bananas can be a perfect food when it comes to athletic performance. They are also good for people with active lifestyles. People enjoy eating bananas because they are

self-contained, clean to eat, sweet, easy to eat in small or large quantities, satiating, available year-round, and inexpensive. Believe it or not, bananas are both grown organic and inorganic. They contain a nutrition mix of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for fueling activity. They are high in potassium content, and provide fuel to remain active through out a busy day. Eating bananas to fuel the body is an excellent choice.

Bananas can be used to avoid fatigue after exercising, however, it is important to replenish muscle glycogen as soon as possible. The fructose in bananas enters the bloodstream more slowly then the glucose, both are easily connected to muscle glycogen. Bananas are typically grouped with foods that have the highest glycemic index, of all fruits. The "glycemic index" identifies how quickly the carbohydrates in foods are assimilated. Bananas are high in carbohydrates, and can contain two to four times as many carbohydrates per bite as most other fruits.

Bananas are known as a perfect food for weight management. If you go, go, go for bananas, then you understand the delicious and nutritious taste that can be added as a quick meal or snack. Bananas are richer than most other fruits, because they provide the nutrient density needed to ensure proper nutrition necessary to ensure satiation. Bananas can be found fresh and sometimes dehydrated and packaged. Most packaged foods are high in sodium, a mineral that causes water retention. Bananas are low in sodium but high in potassium. The ratio in bananas helps the body to bring back a healthy balance between these two minerals, and allows for the loss of excess water weight.

Eating one meal of bananas per day can easily control your weight because, it is impossible to overeat on them. Did you know that bananas contain a full complement of nutrients, and eating them is nutritionally sound? Bananas are a perfect food.

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