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It's Time to Relax

Is it a task or adventure? Finding the time to relax might be difficult for some individuals because they hit the GO button every minute and never stop to slow down. The verb "GO, Giving Out", is an example of burn out. I look at this verb "Go" to describe individuals who are set on GO without pausing to relax. Some Individuals are known to give up too much of their time for the wrong opportunities, which can lead to stress and chronic health conditions. So, what is the problem? It is burnout, and sometimes waisted effort on their part. To avoid burnout, one must focus on what is important by examining their motive and mindset. Learning to relax takes time and patience. There are many ways to relax, but few steps are taken by most, because it is not convenient to relax when success is the primary goal in life. From the time the alarm clock goes off, the mind begins to run a marathon and with every attempt to reach the finish line without pressure. Therefore, relaxing is not in the plan. The theme for relaxing today can be sitting at a favorite spot, searching the internet, and/or texting a friend to show and tell.

However, the key meaning of relaxing, is to reduce tension or anxiety. Relaxing can be fundamental in its' meaning. There are classes one can take to overcome the day to day events that cause anxiety. Individuals can stop the feeling of needing to push the GO button every time. There are steps to overcome the need to "GO, Giving Out." Take the following example of the"G.O., Giving Out" mindset:

  • Over drive

  • Self driven

  • Early Bird Gets the Worm

  • Productivity -vs- Longevity

  • Toot your own Horn

1. Over drive can be as a mindset that places an individual on steroids; always looking

to fly and complete the task without thinking about the outcome.

2. Self driven is a mindset that places an individual on the train track. Keeping

the motor running even when there is no gas. Waisting nerve energy when there is no reserves, and exhaustion is the companion.

3. Early Bird Gets the Worm is a mindset that places the individual in sleep deprivation, looking for the worm instead of the oppotunities.

4. Productivey -vs- Longevity is the mindset that places the individual in a power struggle. Always looking for the next project that wll usually lead to burn out.

5. Toot your own Horn is the mind set that motivates the individual to get noticed. This can be the band wagon that draws attention for the wrong reasons, that causes regret along the way.

Nevertheless the "GO, Giving Out," mindset places anyone in the driver seat to make important decisions and gain the room at the top. This indivdual works hard and plays hard, and anyone on their team is expected to do the same. However, the road to success can sometimes bring stress and chaos. And, if you are not taking time out of your busy life to relax and calm yourself down to smell the green grass and listen for the sound of the glistering brook you are all jelly and know roll, Right? Not really!

The only thing that is required is a mindset to remove enervating habits that promote toxemia, which is the beginning of disease. So, take 15 or 30 minutes, at least five times a week, to relax your mind and heal your spirit to get to the root cause.

Ways to relax:

  1. Journaling

  2. Walking

  3. Bird watching

  4. Painting

  5. Listen to music

  6. Spa Day

  7. Sleeping

  8. Guided imagery

  9. Prayer

In Conclusion:

While the essential elements of health are important to gain a healthy mindset and lifestyle, self care has been the main standard for wellbeing. If the body has access to pure air, fresh and clean water, wholesome foods, sunshine, exercise, rest, sleep, and relaxation the body can heal itself. With mental poise and a toxic free environment, this can help to improve the quality of ones relaxation time. Take time to relax.

Here's Health to you Naturally!

Dr. Brenda J. Pratt, H.D., PhD

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