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Kidney Health is on time.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Did you know that your kidneys have a time line?

The time line that I am referring to is your body's homeostasis, pH balance, filtration, and elimination. It is necessary that our Kidneys work on time to help the body eliminate waste.

This is done by eating the appropriate food combinations, avoiding highly processed foods, preservatives, additives, sugars, simple carbohydrates, high protein, and high levels of fat.

The purpose of our kidneys has been to help the body eliminate waste. Our blood cells act as a defense to eliminate waste as urine. If you are unable to eliminate waste, your body will feel sick. Some of the symptoms that the body might experience as a potential Kidney problem are listed as:

  1. Brain fog

  2. Pain in the abdomen or back

  3. Fatigue

  4. High Blood Pressue

  5. Diabetes

  6. Itchy skin

  7. Cramps in the muscles

  8. Edema ( face, hands, legs, and feet)

  9. Low appetite

  10. Poor sleep

There are other symptoms that can mimic a kidney problem or chronic kidney disease, such as confusion, headaches, seizures, and skin discoloration. Not all symptoms listed are related to Kidney disease and this can delay getting the appropriate treatment.

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes are the first leading causes of Kidney Failure.

Managing high blood pressure and diabetes

is the number one reason to avoid Kidney Failure.

Kidney Failure is the last stage of Chronic Kidney Disease. There are 5 stages that are known to affect kidney function.

"These stages are based on your glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

GFR is a test that is used to check the functioning of your kidneys. Its results are in the form of mL/min, which is the amount of blood that passes through each filtering unit (glomeruli) of the kidney in a minute.

The GFR is calculated from your serum creatinine levels, body size, age, sex, and ethnicity."

Below are the stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, Glomerular Filtration Rate and Kidney Function:

Stage 1 (≥90) is a Normal kidney function

Stage 2 (60-89) is a Mild decline in kidney function.

Stage 3 (30-59) is a Moderate decline in kidney function.

Stage 4 (15-29) is a Severe decline in kidney function.

Stage 5 (<15) is Kidney Failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD) requiring dialysis.

To help our Kidneys to function at their best, it's important to have a balanced lifestyle that will include the elements of health. The natural way of keeping our health in the best possible way can be described in these fundamental health practices;

  1. Eat and maintain a nutritious diet, to include macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals and vitamins found in our foods.

  2. Drink at least 64 oz of water daily

  3. Exercise

  4. Breathe to help the lungs and heart

  5. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours

  6. Get adequate sunshine, vitamin D

  7. Rest, Rest, Rest!

In Conclusion:

There are so many health practices that can be adopted for a healthy lifestyle. However, the most important practice is the one that will meet your personal needs for Kidney Health.

"There is no cure for CKD. However, treatments and an appropriate diet (low-protein, low-salt) can help manage its signs and symptoms. They can help you halt the progression of CKD to a certain extent."

Getting the facts about Kidney health can save you time.

Here's Health to you Naturally

Dr, Brenda J Pratt, H.D., PhD


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