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Find a quiet spot and Rest

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Rest is divided into three classes: The three classes are Physical Rest and Physiological Rest and Mental Rest. When we think about resting it is usually summarized as sitting down on a nice comfortable lounge chair, or relaxing at the park with our barefoot on top of the grass, and of course laying across a comfortable bed to perhaps day dream away all of the burdens that came upon us in a day. Mental Rest is secured by poise in mind, and removing all sources of disturbance and annoyance, such as noises, talk fears, anxieties, worries, etc. People in civilized life have lost the poise and mental emotional relaxation.

Physical Rest is secured by ceasing physical activities and going to bed. In bed one must lie quiet to feel rested and to recuperate from a long day. Relaxation and repose are essential. At tensed contracted condition of the body is incompatible with rest. A hard, comfortable bed, and comfortable temperature, and not too much cover are essential to rest.

Physiological Rest is secured partly as a result of the above two forms of rest, partly as a result of stopping the food intake. Food works the stomach, intestine, liver, lungs, kidneys, glands, heart, etc., and when the amount of food consumed is reduced the amount of work these organs must do is decreased. If all food is abstained from their work is reduced still more. All stimulants overwork the organs of the body and when these are abandoned these organs are allowed to rest.

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