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There are four Hygienic rules for eating Salads that you should know about.

Surprisingly many individuals are not aware of the four rules for eating salads.

These four rules may be shocking at first, but after you have considered the concept of clean eating, then you will understand why they are listed.

Rule #1. Salads should be made of fresh vegetables.

Why? Because vegetables that are not fresh, have lost their nutrients.

Rule #2. Salad vegetables to be avoided; Spinach, Swiss chard, beet tops, and rhubarb.

Why must they be avoided? Because of the high content of oxalic acid. Oxalic

acid is a compound that can be elimated by most people. However, for sensitive

individual an oxalate diet can be linked to an increase risk of kidney stones and

other health problems.

Rule #3. Vegetables and fruits used in salads should be cleaned well.

Why? Because eating raw vegetables and fruits can contain bacteria,

and pesticides if they are not properly washed can cause health conditions.


Rule #4. Salad vegetables should not be broken, diced hashed, cut, and sliced etc.

Why? Because this causes vital losses by oxidation. It is identified by discoloration

when you cut into a fruit or vegetable. The cells are severed, causing them to

release enzymes, and be exposed to the air.

The four Hygienic rules for eating salads are simple reminders to prevent unwanted health conditions. You can have your salad and enjoy it too, with two simple steps: Wash your vegetables and fruit and eat clean. Enjoy your health!

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