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What is Optimum Athletic Recovery?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It is an integral part of vibrant health, high levels of physical fitness, that offers us rewarding opportunities. If you enjoy the physical side of life, you may also find that vigorous activity is wonderfully pleasing. The lessons learned in physical training can be applied to all walks of life. These lessons include patience, persistence, goal setting, repetition, and teamwork.

You may think that training harder is a way to build strength and endurance. This can be related to individuals who overtrain some muscle groups while under-training others. For example, the runner who goes for a biking weekend, the soccer player who swims and surfs for the first time in years, and the once-a-year skier are all at risk of overtraining and under-training.

Training harder does not always translate into training smarter, and it is no guarantee of getting the best results. The game is how to avoid injuries. The sports injuries, both mild and severe, acute and chronic, are earning popularity. Let's face it, the mountain becomes steeper with age.

On the other hand the problem does not always lie in poor training techniques, but in the haphazard methods often applied to recovery. The basic rule to recovery is rest, which are based on four insufficiency factors.

These four basic insufficiency factors involved in the body's ability to recover from training are insufficient sugar, insufficient salt, insufficient water, and insufficient rest and sleep. There is only one excess to consider, it is excess fat. The secret to a fast recovery is to find out how these five factors function and interact to bring about an improvement in the athletes ability.

Optimum recovery is said to allow more frequent training sessions, more intense training sessions, and a sharper mind. These four basic insufficiency factors, sugar salt, water, rest and sleep; and the one excess is fat, will result in fewer injuries, greater improvements in performance, and an overall increase in enjoyment in physical pursuits.

We must become aware of our physical limitation to understand our physical strengths and gain the knowledge and expertise to push ourselves to the edge of those limitation for optimum performance and athletic recovery


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