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What are Enervating Habits?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Enervating habits are related to habits that affect our nerve energy. What is nerve energy you might ask? Nerve energy is functional power. The nerve is the grand conductor of motive power and sensory impulses. The energy of nerves is the life of tissues, organs, muscles, circulation of blood and many other functional purposes. Nerves are continuous with its energy. The bodily parts are mechanical, and must await orders for action from the brain through the nervous system packed as it is with impulses. Nerves control every part of our body, such as powerful muscular actions, emotions, digestion, circulation of the blood and many other functions of our organisms.

Enervation is a state in which the body is either not generating sufficient nerve energy for the tasks the body must perform.

If you are feeling exhausted, run down, or not quite normal, perhaps there is a reduction of nerve energy that has depleted the bod of its normal energy. This depletion may well be an effect of bad habits that have robbed Nerve Energy. Enervating habits effect nerve energy. To regain the level of energy that is needed for the body to function and attain optimum health the list below will help point to a few problems:

  1. Uncleanliness: This can be externally and internally. Externally uncleanliness does not need to be defined, however, internally uncleanliness can be identified in the internal environment of the body, Poor digestion, Low Chronic Acidosis, or Toxemia in the blood.

  2. Unclean Air: The home environment can be the problem, if there are poisonous chemicals that are polluting the air and the blood cells of the body.

  3. Impure Water: Drinking Contaminated water, not pure or fresh water.

  4. Inadequate Rest and Sleep: The body requires Rest, Rest, Rest, and Sleep. We could be worrying and robbing ourself of adequate sleep, eating late, suffering from indigestion, and worrying about finances, etc.

  5. Inadequate Sunshine and Natural Light: The body is not getting enough Vitamins D, which is needed to help our bones absorb calcium to keep them strong and free from sports injuries.

  6. Lack of Exercise: If the there is no motivation to exercise, or lack of exercise, it can create a loss of muscle tone and belly fat can lead to obesity and other symptoms of disease.

  7. Self-Control: The saying control your emotions, or your emotions will control you: An One of the Hygienic pioneers by the name of Dr. Tilden said, "Fear does a thousand times more harm to the body than does any other emotion, and it produces more toxins in the body than does any other emotion." Fear is a Nerve Energy-Depleting Habit.

  8. Toxic Relationships: These relationships can be personal or professional; it is a good idea to cut the toxic relationships out of our life, and reserve nerve energy.

  9. Excessiveness In Any Form: Excessive behaviors can fall in many categories that deplete nerve energy, such as work, exercise, and worry which prevent us from obtaining optimum health and athletic performance.

  10. Wrong Combinations of Foods: Many diets can be included in eating wrong; the Standard American Diet, and other Fad Diets can be called acidifying diets because they will rob the body of health and nerve energy. You can be the judge.

Enervating habits can be the start of a chronic health condition. It is recognized in the practice of holistic health, that enervating habits effect nerve energy, it creates a need to eliminate, and when waste is not eliminated properly it Leakes into the blood and tissues creating toxemia, which is the universal cause of disease. Stress related behaviors is a so called nerve robber, it can be related to wrong food combination and excessiveness.

The body is not able to assimilate and eliminate properly and this causes the organs to over work and use up nerve energy which is enervating, and this again causes toxemia. Enervating habits are related to a cause and effect when there is a problem behavior or habit that only gets worse over time. It is important to recognize the bad habits and automatic thinking to help stop them and to reserve nerve energy. Stop enervating habits. When there are no symptoms of disease, then there will be no need for treatment. #Drbrendajprattphd #holistichealth #aholistichealth #healthandwellness


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