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What is Holistic Health and Nutrition

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Holistic Health and Nutrition is living the philosophy of Natural Hygiene.

The primary concept of Natural Hygiene is that health is normal and natural.

Holistic health and nutrition is based on the practices and conditions of Natural Hygiene, which health depend such as the essential elements:

  1. Food

  2. Water

  3. Fresh air

  4. Exercise

  5. Sleep

  6. Rest

  7. warmth

  8. sunlight

  9. Mental Poise

  10. Cleanliness

To practice Natural Hygiene and its’ philosophy one must stop enervating habits that rob vital nerve energy, such as:

  1. Wrong food combinations

  2. Denaturing processes done to meats, vegetables, and fruits

  3. A diet high in fat

  4. Sugar

  5. Bread

  6. Bleached Flour

  7. Wheat (hybrid)

  8. Coffee

  9. Soda

  10. Chips

  11. A High Acidic diet

  12. Preservatives

  13. Additives

Holistic Health and Nutrition is a practice to meet the requirements of the body. To get to the root cause, to stop enervating habits and restore health in its natural environment where health is normal and natural.

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