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What Should Breakfast, Lunch, and Evening meals consist?

Each meal consist of fresh fruits or fresh green vegetables. If an exclusive Raw food diet is not adopted, the diet should at least be three-fourths

raw, and all foods should be combined properly as noted:

Day 1


2 pears a dish of dates or sun dried figs

Lunch (raw)

A vegetable salad, Cauliflower, Fresh corn (not canned)

Dinner (raw)

Acid fruit salad, 4oz cottage cheese

Day 2


Honeydew melon

Lunch (cooked)

Lettuce, cucumber and celery salt, Steamed Broccoli, Baked Potato

Dinner (cooked)

Vegetable salad, Steamed okra, 4oz, Brazil nuts.

Day 3




Vegetable salad, Zucchini squash, and Nuts


Vegetables salad, Kale, 4oz Almonds.

" Holistic Health and Nutrition Meals"

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