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What is Toxemia?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Are you feeling sluggish, tired, annoyed, irritated, or confused?. If the answer is yes, you could be experiencing symptoms of enervating habits related to food and lifestyle choices such as, use of stimulants, sugary drinks, coffee, teas, chocolate, candy, chips, lack of sleep, rest, and exercise. Depleted nerve energy is a cause for concern due to Toxemia.

Did you know that Toxemia is the universal cause of disease and that Detoxing is the process of eliminating toxins found in our blood cells?

There are seven stages of diseases in all stages of toxemia. Although toxemia may arrive from any source, it basically exists because of insufficient nerve energy to sufficiently eliminate exogenous poisons and body waste, called elimination. The stages of toxemia are significant because the individual who has over compensated nerve energy has no way of identifying the culprit. There are seven stages that effect nerve energy as follows:

Enervation: It is a state in which the body is either not generating sufficient nerve energy for the tasks the body must perform, or the tasks the body must perform more normal, then our energy supply can cope with in any event, the body becomes impaired and an impaired body generates less energy if the condition of overwork or under generation persist.

Toxemia: This is when toxic substances from other sources saturate the blood

and tissues, the lymph system and interstitial fluids, then the conditions of toxemia exist.

Tissue and blood saturation with toxic materials can be due to both internally generated wastes and pollutants taken in from the outside, which the body can not eject from the vital domain. Toxemia is poison in the blood.

Irritation: Irritation results from toxic materials being sensed by our nerve network.

Irritation exists when we may feel itchy, jumpy, uneasy, and bothersome. Any toxic material will irritate, such as salt, caffeine, or condiments can have this effect on the body.

Inflammation: When inflammation occurs we are said to have an "itis", appendicitis, tonsillitis, hepatitis, or nephritis for example, the "itises" have given a confirmation that they are due to overburdening of four different organs of purification and elimination.

Ulceration: It means that a staggering amount of cells and tissues are being destroyed.

The body uses an ulcer as an outlet for extraordinary build up thereby relieving itself, it will heal the ulcer if causes be discontinued, or if the toxicity level is significantly lowered.

This process of repairing the damage is like repairing pants with holes in them. This repair is a process called induration.

Induration: A hardening of tissue or the filling in of tissue vacancy with hard tissue. Scarring is the form of induration. The ulcer and the toxic materials are sealed off by the hardening of the tissue around them. This toxic materials is often called tumor formation. It is often mistaken as a cancer, nineteen or twenty times, when the diagnosis is wrong. Induration is the last stage during the time the body can exert intelligent control.

Cancer: The endpoint of the evolution of disease is cancer. It is the last stage of disease and is usually fatal, especially if the causes that brought it about or continued. The body can be revitalized by the indulgence of healthful practices that may destroy the cancer cells. It has been said by Hygienist or Life scientists that cancer first begins in a crisis. The cells live in an environment that is hostile, and continue to live and flourish as along as nutrients are available to them. It is possible that cancer cells have become independent and have reverted to the status of uncontrolled primitive cells; they are cells that live entirely on their own as recognized in the protozoa.


When addressing the seven causes of toxemia, it can be determined that the beginning of disease is the inability to eliminate exogenous poisons and body waste.

The lifestyle we choose from beginning to end can have a grand effect on our life. Therefore, at the end of the matter, we are what we eat and what we eat can be the culprit.

Resource: A Starting Point, Holistic Health and Nutrition

Brenda J Pratt, H.D. Ph.D.

"Raw Food Resources"

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