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Activities That Are Fit For The Brain.

Everybody deserves to have good health. Physical and mental activities work together to help maintain health and emotional balance. When we are in the best of health, and in good physical shape our brain is in agreement with feeling good. When our body is not in physical shape, our brain is not in agreement with doing anything physical. First, take small steps and create an environment to get mentally fit. Learn to enjoy activities that are satisfying both physically and emotionally. Choosing activities that can help strengthen the mind and body is a starting point. So plan to have fun and free your mind up from over thinking, be creative and enjoy activities that are fit for the brain and good for your body and soul.

Physical Activities

  1. Running

  2. Gardening

  3. Stretching

  4. Bike riding

  5. Swimming

  6. Cleaning the house

  7. Playing tennis

  8. Hiking

  9. Dancing

Mental Activities

  1. Reading a book

  2. Writing a letter

  3. Meditating

  4. Writing in a journal

  5. Sun-bathing

  6. Problem solving

  7. Sleeping

  8. Praying

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