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Improve Your Health And Change Your Life.

Correcting many health disorders through the path of hygienics is first through our diets.

What are the benefits of hygienics? The practice of hygienics increases the quality of health to its optimum potential, increasing nerve energy. What is nerve energy?

Nerve energy is functional power. The nerve is the grand conductor of motive power and sensory impulses. The energy of nerves is the life of tissues, organs, muscles, circulation of blood and many other functional purposes. Nerves are continuous with its energy. The bodily parts are mechanical, and must await orders for action from the brain through the nervous system packed as it is with impulses. Nerves control every part of our body, such as powerful muscular actions, emotions, digestion, circulation of the blood and many other functions of our organism.

Natural Hygiene is based on the Natural Laws of Life. its teachings are that all healing power is inherent in the living body. Natural Hygiene alone teaches a way of life that leads to physical, mental, and psychological wholeness.

Natural Hygiene insists on the belief that the laws of physiology be obeyed, and that foods be combined for the most efficient digestion. It is a system of mind-body care that is valid for a state of health, as well as a state of illness.

Learn how to change your health to change your life in 2 simple steps:

1. Stop enervating habits.

2. Remove cause

Improving your health and changing your life can be done.

This is accomplished through the practice of Holistic Health and Nutrition to provide individuals with the tools to manage their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental well-being.

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