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Start Writing Your Way To Health!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Writing and telling your story can be very therapeutic and liberating.

There are studies to show that journaling for health can help to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Journaling is like exercising your brain. The brain is actually demonstrating how effective it is in a non-verbal setting, as pen meets paper you can let go and allow your mind to paint a beautiful picture in words. A few words on paper can capture your thoughts, and help discover your more honest and authentic self. When in this mindset you are able to freely express yourself, because you are more relaxed and able to speak in your own voice.

Journaling is an opportunity to tell your story and to develop true awareness.

If you are feeling a need to discover new opportunities to improve your lifestyle, journaling can help develop self confidence to get you started. Individuals can set different goals while writing down their thought or purpose, such as goal setting for better health, career, relationships, and spiritual growth. Keeping a journal is a personal decision. You may be someone who has kept a diary while growing up. If this is true, you kept it safe under lock and key, with all the memories of childhood, and adventure. Journaling has become the new diary.

Journaling can be a challenge. Sometimes we are not sure how to get started, we might be reluctant to write down our thoughts because of fear. This fear can hinder us from moving forward. You are not alone, when thinking about bad reviews and being judged for poor writing skills, it doesn't matter what others think of your writing. You are writing in the form of self expression. If this is challenging for you, start your journaling with a voice recording exercise. Listen to your voice, pitch and the tone. Speak true and honest about your goals, dreams, expectations, and what you can do to improve or change. Repeat this exercise until you find your voice, and begin to write.

Many people enjoy doodling on paper, writing poetry, songs, and bible scriptures as

non-verbal expressions. This exercise is healthy and it can provide many benefits to improve health and well-being. For example, heart disease is one of many chronic health conditions that we read about. We are told that Cardiovascular disease is a group of conditions that involve the heart and blood vessels. "Common complications include heart attack, chest pain, (angina), or stroke. Cardiovascular disease is known as the leading cause of death each year in the United States," as written in the verywell health website. Journaling can be used to help lower blood pressure, de-stress, and boost the immune system. Studies have found that daily prayer, meditating, and journaling can be an effective way to manage one's health. It helps to reduces stress, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system, because your mind is in a relax state when performing at this level.

Perhaps, you are aware of your health and understand your current lifestyle habits, but you would like to make some changes or improvements. Journaling can be one way to help you get to the root cause and accomplish your personal goals.

You might ask, what is journaling really about and how does it help?

Is journaling about mood and behavior, losing weight, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, de-stressing, exercising for 30 minutes longer, or relationships?

Answer: Journaling is writing about an individual lifestyle, a daily record of experiences, living and loving yourself.

These are a few steps below to get you started on your Journey:

Step 1: Identify your subject, i.e. (who, what , when, why and how I can)

Step 2: Focus on your purpose, i.e. (to improve self awareness, health, and lifestyle )

Step 3: Create a relaxing environment to journal, i.e. (home, office, library, park)

Step 4: Set your journaling time, i.e. (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ,etc)

Step 5: Develop your power word, i.e. ( confident, motivated, inspired, authentic)

The important thing to remember about journaling is that there are many kinds of journaling choices. You can start a bible journal, health journal, food journal, sports journal, career journal, and an adventure journal, it is your choice.

Writing down positive thoughts can help to boost our self-esteem, and improve our health. When we are thankful with gratitude, we free our mind of self doubt.

Although, it may feel ridiculous to sit down and right out our feelings on paper, it is a powerful method that can lead to the root cause to help remove enervating habits. As we often say about appearances, it's not what you see, it's what you think you see. It's time to be positive and create a lifestyle of awesomeness, one statement at a time. Remove self-doubt, because you are important, your health is important, own it and understand it!

Here's Health To You Naturally!

Dr. Brenda J. Pratt, H.D. PhD


*Disclaimer: This blog is for holistic health and nutrition information only. Dr. Brenda J. Pratt Ph.D. is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Certified Holistic Hygiophysician. This practice does not include diagnosing or treating medical or mental health conditions. If you are receiving medical care, please check with your primary care provider before making any changes in your care or diet.



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